Practical implementation of DRX

Hello Experts.

Anyone have practical implementation of DRX and may give example of values of DRX inactivity timers that make sense?

  • drxInactivityTimer PSF4
  • drxRetransmissionTimer FROM PSF8 to PSF4
  • drxState from Enable to Disable
  • longDrxCycle SF40

Thank you!

What does PSF mean? How much in msec?

Is the configuration same for NR and LTE?

PSF- is PDCCH subframe in which UE listen to the UE.
NR/LTE - DRX setting will be different as its depend on Enb/Gnb but can be optimized by UE once it received combined values. Also its depend on the vendor specific drx Implementation.
but as its related with UE power saving so will optimized at UE end.

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