Power per subcarrier in LTE

Hello all.

In case of 10 MHz LTE uplink which uses SC-OFDMA, assuming a UE Pmax of 23 dBm, what will be the power per subcarrier?

23 dBm - 10log10(600) = - 4.78 dBm


So you are assuming 600 sub-carriers.

But won’t it be like one sub-carrier per RB in SC-OFDMA, so 50 carriers at max?


That’s not how SCFDMA works.

You call it a single carrier because you are doing dft before ofdm.

Also, you mostly keep power per subcarrier as constant.

If you don’t transmit data on 5 MHz then also power on remaining subcarriers will be same as -4.78 dBm.