Power Hedroom Report

Hi Expert,

How ue will calculate PHR?

I know the concept of PHR Index(0-63) but how actually ue will know what PHR need to select?

Sharetechnote site has an excellent discussion on the topic that helped me understand the topic a couple of months ago.

Check it out here:

In short, there is sort of a table defined in 3GPP spec 36.133 that UE follows. It measures the PHR.
UE calculates the PHR as per a predefined formula (again Sharetechnote.com to the rescue). Now on this I am not sure if each OEM has their own formula for this. I guess they would because this is the point where they can optimize the power control on their mobile-sets or innovate. So I would say that take the formula in the Sharetechnote as a reference formula rather than an absolute one!.

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Thanks let me check