Power BI guidance on how to become handy on it

Hi Dear Experts.

Can any one please tell the updates about powerBI and how can one become handy on this tool?

Just a gate to this stuff and how to benefit from it.

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Very useful tool for data visualisation and it’s very easy to connect to almost all type of source of data, you can share dashboards and save data preparation queries u made to be run for next data update


Check Youtube channel of Pavan Lalwani:

It’s a very good course to start with.

Once you are done with first 10-12 chapters of course you can create your own project. For example create a KPI report or dashboard on power BI.

Tip: Don’t forget to make notes of whatever you are learning … :slight_smile:

He cover topics in Short videos of 4-5 mins unlike conventional long and boring videos on Youtube.


Very nice brother. this is very helpful
Thank U

Appreciated Bro. Many thanks for the good insights