Positive values of RSRQ of SSB

Hi Experts,
Do you know that RSRQ in 5G ranges from -43 to +20 for RSRQ of SSB?

Details here:

I suppose because of IoT.

I saw positive values and first I thought is a mistake, error decoding issue.

Yes, RSRQ can be +.

Yes. And it’s very well explained in NR bullets why it can be positive.

Rsrq = rsrp / (rssi - rsrp)
So, if rssi/rsrp > 2: rsrp < 0.
If rssi/rsrp < 2: rsrq > 0.

I never managed to read entire book… :wink:

I doubt anyone has. :slight_smile:
But even in bits and pieces it is very helpful book.

I read only my point of interest…

RSRQ = 10log(No of PRB) + RSRP - RSSI

if the cell BW = 20Mhz, no of PRB = 100 → 10log(No of PRB) = 20db

If RSRP = RSSI then RSRQ can reach max +20db.
For example, RSRP = -80, RSSI = -50, cell 20Mhz so RSRQ = -10db