Poor Uplink RSSI on 3G 900 and 4G L800 at the same time

Dears, what could be the resons of poor uplink rssi on 3G 900 and 4G L800 at the same time?

May be HW issue, antenna cable, connector, others.
If LTE and UMTS using same antenna.

Yes they are using the same antenna.

You can do PIM testing (if vendor is Ericsson), for identifying internal interference source like hw issue and others.

Vendor is Alcatel. Any similar test?

No idea…HW test you can do by conventional approach site visit.
PIM testing is a process to identify such issue remotely.
I saw in Ericsson they use this to reduce cost.

Also check Alarm, VSWR… sometimes some issues are captured by them.

From Alcatel minitoring tool I can see the RTWP load is above 95%.
Is it related to the issue?
If yes, how to solve it?

Actually in UMTS 900, UL RSSI or RTWP is generally poor.
There are many interence rejection features available in different vendors.
However as you said both LTE and UMTS having poor RSSI belongs from different band, that is why I think it may be HW issue…Just a logical guess.
You may gave some other issue as well.