Poor LTE coverage

Hello Experts.

I have encountered poor LTE coverage.
Rsrp is < -105 dBm. The site is 600 meter far from area, and Max RS Power is 15.2.
Any Parameter to improve the coverage?

What’s your tower Height?
What ETilt & MTilt have you put?

And if ETilt and MTilt are adjusted properly, can check with CRS gain, which will improved approx 6 dB coverage.

But please check if any blockages from site to customer location. If blockage is there, then signal will not penetrate as per tilt adjustments.

Rs Max Power 15.2

What’s the Height and RS power, pa and pb?
Azimuth shift to direction of area might help…

Nah, he has that hill blocking Line of sight…not much he can do.

Atleast try it’s tough.

Blocked by Mountain

Rs power increase scope seems to be there as per transmit power available.

RS power is 15.2 max.

With limited available information, the solution seems to be uptilt your etilt by 2*, however, it dep ends on your tower + antenna height, whether it works or not.
The only negative consequences may be overshooting in some other parts of antenna serving area. Check all aspects of performance after tuning.

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How about the SNR??