Poor 5G SA network Intra freq Ho preparation SR

Hi all.

In Huawei 5G SA network Intra freq Ho preparation SR is very bad.

Apparently counter for preparation phase is pegged in gNb but there is no Handover request on interfaces towards AMF or target cell.

Anyone has this problem or have idea what could be wrong?

Hi @Spale ,

Could you specific the meaning is very bad,

  1. it’s zero success rate or there are some of it success?
  2. It’s happen in a cell or network wide?

May be you can give some other information what you have been experienced in the field.

Xn interface between two gNB has automonus handover functionality and it won’t report to AMF till the target gNB path switch happens.

As most of the handover are getting failed in preparation phase hence it means at this stage source gNB can send request only at Xn interface, hence you can’t find any msg at other interface till this stage.

And as the target gNB is not sending any ack msg hence there won’t be any Traces in target gNB as well.

So reason may be resides at configuration level if signal strength is sufficient.

As SA mode has low latency requirements so starting from audit timers at source gNB can be a good start like RRC and handover timers.

Other causes may be there telecomhall recorded some example of pre 5G network you can take some relevant idea from there too.

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Hi guys,

Actually it was some SW bug, with provided patch it was solved

Thanks for answers anyway