Plug-and-play 5G SA private network, Remote Surgery and more use cases

Nokia is killing it… :grinning:

VMO2 Business unveils plug-and-play 5G SA private network

  • The enterprise services division of UK operator Virgin Media O2 has spied an opportunity for ad hoc private networks
  • It has developed a plug-and-play 5G standalone private network system
  • Nokia is its technology partner

China is also killing it… In there… :grinning:

China conducts 5G remote micron eye surgery

  • China has successfully carried out 5G remote micron eye surgery with the help of a surgical robot in the southern Hainan Province, according to China Science Daily on Wednesday.

This is questionable: why remote surgery would need precisely 5G and cannot be carried on LAN or on fiber?

Do you know that remote surgery robots costs millions of dollars, are you going to relocate them whenever wherever is needed?

Do you imagine how much this would cost?

This is another forced use case of 5G.

Brings more hassle than benefits.

5G is planned just for getting money more than anything else :smirk:

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Seems like Altcoins in Blockchain, no real usecase yet that has been implemented.

I hear that Private 5G network are a real use case.

But this is also strange for me who is paying the tremendous cost of hardware, software, SIMs, core network, transmission , software licenses etc.

Must be well over 2 millions network any private 5G network/ May well work with wifi or simply on LAN.

Maybe factories that need mobility would indeed need private 5G.

Quick 5G question: has anyone seen URLLC implemented and working?

Has anyone seen network slicing implemented and working?

I haven’t implemented this Use-case… You should ask these questions to those chinese guys who implemented it… :wink::rofl::rofl:

Btw, I have heard of this Use-case in the USA and Europe, too…
In progress.

What happens when cell goes out of service during ongoing surgery? :joy:

Good question :thinking: :joy: