Please suggest parameters I can use to control the RTWP

Dear All…need your support on one case…RTWP (-90 to -95) high on one cell.NO issue observed on Hardware.also there is no external interefnce…traffic is high on the cell.please suggest parameter how can i control the RTWP

Check booster on that particular area…If cell is overshooting do downtilt

already check .no booster there…I cant down tilt customer not allow

Change the feeder or jumper of affected cell with another one. For testing purpose, we can re-orient too.

i already changed it… RTWP mapped with the traffic.

Can we sugest to work on UL CAC ? Can we work on RACH paramter, also?

blocking is also persist on the cell along th same date!!

Change in UCELLCAC parameters for UL
If vendor Huawei

hi dear

please check your pilot power it should be 5% to 20% of the total transmit power per carrier.

2- the connectors.

If vendor Huawei you can try this license CCPIC
(Control Channel Parallel Interference Cancellation)

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