Pingpong and crsgain

Hi guys

Im facing some problem optimizing overshooting area.

3 neighbors sites with similar RSRP value 1 db different (-109) the serving site (A) is 3.5 km away from UE and the site that supposed to have high RSRP site (b) is 1.5 km with (-111).

All sites have value of crsgain 300 , pdschtypeB=1


Help me to find a solution please.

help please im facing same issue

@Moi_lte I think its difficult to answer
your question due to low number of details (band, how the network looks like etc.).

I believe you should start from cell planning and path loss calculations(I saw here on forum programs which can help in such Task) basing on that you can specify power budget and antenna tilting/azimuth config.

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