Ping, RTT and latency in a Mobile Network

Dear Experts,
I need clarification regarding ping RTT and latency in a mobile network.
In my understanding ping time is time taken to travel a packet from source to destination and return to source and latency in general is time taken to travel a packet from source to destination.
Am I right?

IMHO, while RTT is clearly defined (round trip time), latency could be defined as any delay between bounds within a network.
I’ve seen diferent naming conventions from different operators.
I believe that for latency you might be able to provide/require a better specification.
Seen 5-7 ms latency specified on chinese operators testplans, which apparently is the delay between the time the packet is sent to the time it leaves RAN towards CN.

My doubt is in Tems discovery I am getting ping delay and I want to know the latency.
Whether I need to take the value as it is or divide by 2.

Hello Experts.
How do you deal with Poor ping on site?
If throughput are fine, and SINR and RSRP are at ideal values.

check if pre-scheduling if its enable and DRX cycle time


What will be reason of ping faliure on FDD site if Throughput is ok as per BW?
Vendor Ericsson.