Ping Delay in 4G

Hello dears,

Any one have any idea how to reduce Ping delay in 4G Huawei network.

Can you elaborate more where is exactly delay observed?

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Avg application ping delay.

Hello @Issa_Ibrahim
How you are capturing this problem? During the DT? Or doing a speed test? Have you checked the latency for that cell you were connected as well? Any correlation?

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It was captured in DT.

re-set the sector or you could try during non-busy hours for achieving the given threshoud

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reset the sector

With application level measurements non-RAN related issues should be ruled out first. How reliable is the target server, TN congestion etc.

Take a look at DRX configuration for your QCI which carries the data traffic. It may impact it.

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Yes we can reduce RF end latency.
For transmission latency, you can share top sites with TXN team.

You can use Pre-allocation/smart Preallocation feature of huawei.
In this way resources are preallocated and latency ia reduced. You can do ping text after test.

Draw back of this that uplink PRB will be increased.
Uplink throughput will be decreased statistically is related in deep due counter time/data value pegging.

On field, you won’t experience uplink throughput issue.

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Will DRX OFF help in reducing ping delay during field test?

Can it work?

Yes, it might.

Latency KPI will increase after activating DRX.

For field test ping will reduce a bit, like 5 ms decrease improvement.

Any good feature (in Ericsson) to reduce delay apart from DRX?

Hi @Issa_Ibrahim!

First of all ping is not so good suitable for latency testing.

But anyway, you can try next:

  1. UL interference investigation
  2. PUCCH channel boost (pZeroNominalPower) - be careful
  3. Check PDCCH limitations
  4. DL interference investigation
  5. PDCCH beamforming activation or power boost features
  6. Overall DL power increase (if there is a limitation)
  7. Play with B1/A2 to limit bad coverage with bad delays
  8. Do not forget to check ant tilts and HW faults
  9. Also handovers (especially Inter-Freq) could negatively impact on latency
  10. Very probably Pre-Scheduling (grant-free) scheduling feature could help to you
  11. TDD patterns could also impact on latency
  12. Also you can play with CDRX inactivity timer.
    That timer could be increased a bit to allow UE keep RRC connection and do not spend time for waking up every time.
  13. Check if there is a X2/Xn capacity limitations.

And of course do not forget to ping different servers/nodes and try different UE terminals.

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