Physical channels transmitted over-the-air

Hi Experts,
One basic doubt:
These physical channels like PUSCH, PUCCH are actually some wire connection to some radio head. And from there it will transmit over-the-air?

Everything is wired before RRH.
Within layers.
Sometimes it is socket and sometimes shared memory.
But no wireless interface is present.

Thanks @Pratik_Sharma.
So what I understood is: PUCCH, PUSCH contents will be sent over some wired connection to RRH.
So let’s say if there is no PUCCH and PUSCH transmission from UE for long time and SRS is disabled at eNB.
How eNB will get to know UE signal strength?

There is parameter called measurement gap which is configured at starting so time to time it is reported… And if no activity is there theN UE goes to RRC idle state.

In your case, there might be a good chance that it will go in idle state.

Another basic query, don’t know if it sounds foolish: if those physical channles are wired connection
they are part of resource grid, means they exist in freq and time domain?

Let me put it in nice way: The frequency time resources grid that we are talking here is for air interface.

Got it, thank You! :wink: