PDSCH Power Config Tool doubt

Hello Experts.

Does “antenna num” means antenna port?
Or is it actual physical antenna number?
LTE power


Follows some calculators:

Huawei PDSCH Power Config Tool V1.1.xlsx (124.3 KB)
Huawei PDSCH Power Config Tool V1.4 updated.xlsx (409.6 KB)
Huawei PDSCH Power Config Tool V1.4.xlsx (271.7 KB)

It is not antenna physical number.
Ultra Massive MIMO of Huawei in 5G can be up to 380 antenna elements but only 32 csi-rs ports.
Same applies for LTE massive MIMO.

Yes normally it is considered as physical antenna ports.

This is true only with classical antenna.

When it is about massive MIMO this is not true anymore…

Yes totally agreed, but I think the above pasted picture is for normal classic antenna.

Yes, these are normal antennas, no massive MIMO.