PDCCH downlink blocking after enabling DSS

Hi All,
Anyone have observed PDCCH downlink blocking after enabling DSS? (5G NSA)

I also heard that DSS activation has a very bad impact on LTE, and MNOs are not happy with it.

PDCCH blocking and DL Throughput affected…
Throughput we can understand, but why blocking?
Is it because we can only use 2 PDCCH symbols in a subframe allocated for NR?

Do you have PDCCH rate matching enabled in NSA?

There’s a good DSS that explains how to avoid colission between NR PDSCH and LTE PDCCH:

5G NR Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Drivers & Test Implications - Project Manager / Keysight Technologies - Alex Liang

Do you have LTE PDCCH symbol allocation static (3 symbols) or dynamically allocated?

Dynamically allocated.
But what I know is: in the subframe assigned for NR, we can still use LTE PDCCH, but limited only to 2 symbols not 3.
Do you agree with above satatement?
If yes then can this be the reason for increase in blocking?

This might be the issue: when dynamic allocation of LTE PDCCH uses 3 symbols it may get in conflict with NR PDCCH or NR PDSCH.
This would not happen if 2 symbols or 1 symbol is used for LTE PDCCH static.

No, but by specificatin we can use only 2 symbols for LTE PDCCH in MBSFN subframe.