PDCCH Congestion

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It is said when PRB and CCE utilization is high, one method to resolve the issue is to reduce control channel resources .whereas i also know that in good radio condition, CCE utilization increases with increasing number of users which implies using higher symbols for pdcch (3 symbols). So if reducing control channel resources allocated for pdcch despite having high users in the network, will this not have an impact on end user’s experience?

If only a single symbol is allocated for the PDCCH then it is possible that the PDCCH for Random Access Responses is blocked

A blocked PDCCH means that the resource allocation will be delayed until a later subframe, Which will result in a long service delay and unsatisfactory user experience.

Solution:PDCCH Adaptation feature dynamically allocates symbols for the PDCCH according to the level of traffic.

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Thanks sir. And which command do we use to check if this feature is activated? vendor ericsson

So this means that for a particular cell, the greater the scheduling activity in that cell and the more likely we are to have high risks of Ue not decoding pddch due to lesser number of symbols resulting to blockage right?

for ericsson ,check with below parameter

PDCCH Power Boost

Yes exactly