Hello Experts,
I’m trying to understand PDCCH Configsib1.
What is its purpose and what the two parameters that it holds tell the UE?
I’m reading from here and didn’t get the idea/concept of that parameter and how it’s related to CORESET.


Any help please? Thanks alot.

Basically it is pointer to tables which give you info for coreset0 and search space 0.
Refer 38.213 section 13

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I understand.
I’m already in that TSS 38.213, but I didn’t succeed to understand which tables that you are talking about/the parameter pointer at…

As far as I remember it depends on the SCS of your cell and the minimum bandwidth used.
According to that, you can find out.

4 bits will point to a single row in one of 10 tables ( 13-1 , 13- 2 ,… 13-10) and 4 bits will point to a single row in one of 4 tables ( 13-11 ,… 13-14)

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