PCI cross checking

Dear Experts.
Can anyone help me with PCI cross checking?
How can we find out PCI conflicts in the network?
Ex : same PCI in nearby sites

We have 3 mode for check PCI conflict Mode 3 6 and 30.

Any particular tool to identify it?

For Nokia SON module will find out PCI collision.

How does it work?

You can use Mapinfo for this or any Excel.
Take out all the data, arrange in excel and sort by PCI, then take out the distance between one cell towards all cells of the same same pci and repeat this for all the cells.
Sort the distance calculations and then use your criteria of cell range to find the possible collisions.

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Can be done in any tool even MS acces using Lat/Long to calculate distance with same PCI cells.

We need to input site lat, long, antenna orientation.

For Huawei there is a feature called PCI collision detection.

Via XML file?

Same in Ericsson, PCI conflict reporting and you get an event of the detected PCI collision.

Yes but this works as reporting only and for PCI collisions (neighbor of neighbor or direct neighbor).
And won’t take into consideration the PCI mod 3, 6 and 30 conflicts.

Yes, it’s true.