PCI cell planning in 5G

One question: for PCI cell planning in 5G we get lot of conditions: should not be any PCI mod3, mod4 and mod6 colisson for cells of same site or important neighbors.
This is quite a challening condition.
Anyone aware how to solve it?
mod3 is for PDSCH DMRS, mod4 is for PBCH DMRS and mod6 is for TRS

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PCI cell planning in 5G

Do we need to link PCI planning with DMRS mod?

In LTE we have mod 3, 6 PCI planning options.
For 5G, need to check impact of PCI and DMRS?

If we get interference on DMRS nothing can be decoded.

Mod 3 is for PSS not for PDSCH DMRS.

here is PCI planning rule.