Parse and Import is not working for Huawei CM Data Type

I am selecting import folder and output folder for CFGMML but It is taking too much time but not generating any output for Huawei CM Data type.

Can you please help me on this.

@Asraful_Alam Please share the log file (73.5 KB)

Hi, Please find the attchement for logfileslog.rar (6.2 KB)

@Asraful_Alam let me review and get back to you

From the logs you appear to be using the wrong format . You should use CFGMML.

See the screenshot below for the options to select.

Thank you for your replay. I tried your several times but it is not generating any report and it is never ending process.

yes i agreed, i tried that tool and same happened with me. It took infinite time and it never ends. Can any one support on this?

Hi. Please send an email to with the logs attached.

If you´re using the right format, then it should run.

Same problem here, I could never use it. it always appears the parsing file message and never finished.

I thought it was my older computer but problem continues in a different one.

How Can I get the log?

There are thousands of hundreds of users already using BODA every day.

Please, send the e-mail with specific details for we to be able to help.

could be related by the export size? I have checked parsing MML export from [Asraful_Alam] post several messages above and in this case it works fine, it generates every object in a CSV. (export MML txt 1Mb)

But all our MML exports are >100Mb , how long it should take to proccess it?

Edit: I got it!, 2h40min.


Hi, Can you please confirm which RAN version Boda is supporting for Huawei. Our RAN version is RAN 21.1 for UMTS.

Boda support ALL RAN versions, for ALL RAT and ALL vendors.Inclusing RAN 21.1 for UMTS HUAWEI.