Parameters to set UE fast return from 3G to 2G

Hi Dears
Can you help which parameters should check as UE fast return from 3G to 2G?
Vendor is Huawei.

Just fast return from 2G to 3G after CS call release at 2G.

As I checked RSCP is -67 in both idle and dedicated mode it’s camping to 2G.

Huawei is very easy to find counter.
You can go to PRS, search some keyword like “fast”.
Then you can fnd some counters.
As I remember you need BSC license, and some parameters at gsm cells.

For Ericsson you can check FASTRET3G.
MoClass name - InterRanMobility
This parameter shows the activation status of the feature fast return to wcdma after call release.

For Huawei, please check parameter: CELLSELECTAFTERCALLREL = Yes in MO GCELLCCAD

And to verify, check GSM counter H354 - Number of Fast Return Times of WCDMA UEs

Just check whether whether fastreturn to 3G feature is activated at cell level and check ratprio defined for UARFCN and also feature ratprio to be ON.

In parallel to Priority Based Cell Reselection Parameters, the legacy ranking based cell reselection parameters should also be checked and aligned to reselect to 3G. Old UEs may not support Priority Based Cell Reselection.