Parameters to reduce VoLTE audio gap

Hi Experts,

What is the difference between RSSI and RTWP?

Also: by changing pdcchCqishift -5 to -2, ilReacTimerUl 5ms to 500ms, p0NomPusch -82 to -87, ulpcUplevSch -88 to -94 and p0NomPucch -114 to -111. SINR and MCS coding improved but UL BLER degraded, Retransmission increased, UL throughput degraded, RTWP increased.
Any idea for degradation?

Goal is to reduce VoLTE audio gap.
Vendor is Nokia.

All these parameters have different impact eg by changing pdcchchishift we are giving less offset to the received cqi value and by this change cqi value will improve and pddch cce utilization and cce agg 8 level will reduce thus giving improvement to overall capacity and throughput.

What will be the impact of changing Ponompucch/pusch?
Is it better to keep lower value?

Increasing ponompucch will improve pucch decode SR but can impact interference.
In above mentioned scenario ponompusch power is reduced which will compensate the uplink interference.

But that also depends upon type of scheduler being used either interference aware or channel aware.

Can one possibly increase phnompucch and reduce ponompusch at the same time?
I think this is wrong. Can someone correct me if am wrong?