Parameters to push traffic from PCC L1800 to SCC L2100

Hi Experts.

Traffic is not shifting from L1800 to L2100.

Please suggest parameters to push traffic from PCC L1800 to SCC L2100.

Vendor Huawei.

Change the priority on CA configuration.

  1. MLB Parameter Tuning
  2. Inter-Freq THD tuning
  3. Increase L2100 RS Power while increase PA value in L1800
  4. check for E-Tilt Adjustment
  5. Check for Sector Swap
  6. MBOCS Parameter Tuning
  7. CA Anchoring Priority
  8. Reselection Priority Adj.
  9. Idle mode thd tuning.

Kindly make sure both Layer covering same area.

If traffic is not at all shifting that means only two:
Need to check MLB parameters threshold.
Validate it as per GPL or make it more aggressive.
May be parameters of 2300 band is replicated in L1800 band.

And yes other is more unlikely…
Both of the coverages are hell apart.