Parameters to improve RRC and RAB KPIs

Hi experts ,
Any parameter to improve RRC and RAB KPIs?

RAB failure possible cause is ERAB_INI_SETUP_FAIL_RNL_RIP (M8006C247)
RRC failure possible cause is RRC timer expiry M8013C6

Vendor is Nokia

What’s the value of rrcguardtimer?

rrcguardtimer is 2000 ms.

Whats is the value of t310?

400`ms (value set in network).

t310 = 400 ms is very low.

This is a contractual value, and can’t be tuned further. :frowning:

Any other parameter?

Check SRB parameters in RLC AM.
If no issue of coverage and alarms.

Increase it.
4 sec maybe.
This will help, if there is no sudden increase in RIP fails.

Thanks, let me try in few cells.
Any other parameter, apart from guard timer, which may help to increase attempts?

Not sure.
There are so many procedures for which Radio Interface Procedures fail counter pegs like initial context setup request, ERAb setup, ERAB modify…
So not a good idea to increase attempts. :frowning:

Max threshold and rlcpdcp in srb to infinity.
Threshold in srb to Max.

If single site issue, means could be possible single UE issue.
I have faced the same.
Need to put on trace.