Parameters to disable specific LTE/VoLTE service?

Hi, Does anyone know what is the (One Parameter) for each service that I can change to disable a specific service in Nokia network ?

Disable (VoLTE ) but Keeping (LTE Data and Text msg Enabled) ?
Disable (LTE Data) but Keeping (VoLTE and Text msg Enabled) ?
Disable (Text msg ) but Keeping (VoLTE and LTE Data Enabled) ?


Working on the eNodeB side, not in the CN/IMS, you can disable VoLTE by disabling QCI1/QCI5 on QCITAB, but this will generate lots of failures on call setup, handovers, etc…

For disabling VoLTE only, I was able to do it by disabling the main VoLTE parameters (it turned out there is no One parameter can do it) and the related VoLTE parameters. So the UE will see the enaodeB as LTE only site and the UE will not try to do any VoLTE call setup or accepting handovers.

LNBTS> " qciTab5schedulType" = NON-GBR
LNBTS> “qciTab5-lcgid” = 2

LNBTS_FDD> “actConvVoice” = False
LNBTS_FDD> “actIMSEmerSessR9” = False
LNBTS_FDD> “act1xSrvcc” = False
LNBTS_FDD> “actHighPrioServices” = False
LNBTS_FDD> “actSrvccToGsm” = False
LNBTS_FDD> “actSrvcctoWcdma” = False

LNCEL> “n310Qci1” delete
LNCEL> “t310Qci1” delete

Disabling solely at the eNodeB will result on failures on call setup and incoming handovers. The UE has no visibility of VoLTE existence at RAN level, only at CN.

During ATTACH and TAU, the MME will indicate based on geographical area definitions, UE subscription, UE monthly plan, etc… if the UE is able to use IMS on that particular TA.

If it can, IMSVoPS=1, then UE will originate and terminate voice call via IMS domain, other than that (=0 or absent), then CSFB.

Imagine if you have IMSVoPS=1 for a TA, but you disable the parameters on the eNodeB? This will result on the failures I mentioned, therefore, your CN and RAN configuration must match, they must be ON for both.

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Thanks for the explanation on the IMSVoPS part