Parameters to be verified for 64QAM

Dear Experts,
I have 3G from two vendors, Huawei is having license upto 16QAM only, ZTE is having license up to 64QAM. In Huawei it is observed if CQI is good 16QAM is getting, whereas in ZTE eventhough CQI is good, very rare to get 64QAM, at the maximum times getting only QPSK. What to be checked?

Hi Murali,As per Huawei there is one switch for 64 QAM on RNC Level.
One Switch for Cell Level
MOD UCELLALGOSWITCH: CellId=1, HspaPlusSwitch=64QAM-1;
One Switch for Node B level
MOD UCELLALGOSWITCH: CellId=1, HspaPlusSwitch=64QAM-1;

This is for Huawei

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Sorry for Node B level we have a switch


Dear Ali.raza
Thanks for sharing., If possible share for ZTE also please

Cell level:::UUtranCellFDD.supt64QamInd
RNC Level::UHspa.rnc64QAMInd
UUtranCellFDD and UHspa is the MO’s Table to check these para’s
In ZTE Node B level Parameter not exist for 64 QAM

Will check and revert back. Thanks