Parameter to understand the minimum data buffer required for 5G data bearer establishment

Hi Nokia 5G Experts.

What is the parameter in NSA network that need to be checked to understand the minimum data buffer required for 5G data bearer establishment?

My networks 4G takes 40% of the total payload in ENDC mode.

I need to transfer maximum payload to 5G.

What else need to be checked apart from B1 B2?

Hi dears… got some clues on this parameter :

Number of sampled subframes with high non-GBR DL data traffic
Number of sampled subframes that would require a (another) SCell configuration for serving all the UEnon-GBR DL data traffic.
Note: Special value “0” means that the UE candidate SCells are immediately configured even if not required for serving the UE non-GBR DL data traffic.

This is the criteria for adding 5G SCG based on buffer.

Can anyone elaborate on this?


I set it to 1 for all 5G| network. In this way users in very low buffer utilization 5G leg addition is not happening.

If you set it to 10, 5G leg addition dramatically decrease.

It is also controlling LTE side CA addition, in my case stepwise addition is performed so UE adds 5G leg first then LTE 2nd carrier.

As soon as I stop transfer first LTE 2nd carrier removed then 5G leg.


When you set to 1 5G leg addition is not happening?

Which parameter did you use to set for 5G leg addition first and then LTE 2nd carrier?

When you set to 0, 5G will be added no matter what UE has in buffer.

When u set 1, it does not add unless you open an application that consumes data, like speedtest.

LTE parameter “stepwise” search in weblmt you’ll find.

If your 5G coverage is poor, LTE side will be adding first, then 5G when UE reports B1.

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