Parameter to define number of users latch on beam

Hi Experts.
For 5G, if we assume we have single ssb beam for 30 kHz scs, then is there any parameter there to define number of users latch on beam?
Like we have parameter for UE scheduled per slot.

Network might trigger Beam Refinement or Beam change based on whatever they want to, but Beams should be related to spacial variables, unles you have fully colocated Beams.

I’m not sure if it makes sense.

Beam refinement means 1ssb = 4 beam.
Beam change means beam switching i.e. between coarse or refined beams based on ss-rsrp or CSI-RS rsrp.

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Can you tell me what a beam means?

Unsolved mystery in telecom world :grin:

I think you should revise your initial question. :wink:

That’s why I ask to solve it. thinking now to revise it :+1:


You can control that by number of rach preamble opportunity you send.
And then you can limit number of UEs connected to that beam.

Is this right?