Parameter to decrease TTI time of 1 ms

Hello Experts,
I’m trying to decrease the scheduling tti time in lte so how that will affect my system and what parameters should I consider in order to not affect my network performance?
What checkpoints should I execute for verifying that after decreasing tti of my scheduler all good with my network?
What scenarios maybe let my network fail if I decrease tti time?


Not sure any parameter there to decrease tti time of 1 ms …

Assuming theorotically.
What would happen?
Just to understand its implifications.

Do you mean decrease latency?
Time the packet stays at eNB Waiting for scheduling?

No, I mean to decrease the time interval of scheduling.
Currently in lte its every 1 ms so trying to understand theoretically what would affect if we decrease the scheduling time of the scheduler…

The minimum scheduling interval is 1ms!

Yes, i know, but what would happen if we decrease it?
What parameters of my network will be affected?

I don’t see it is possible, as per the Standard.

We have 2 options only.
I.e. 1 ms called TTI or subframe where users get scheduled by PRB.
Other is slot with duration of 0.5 ms where RB allocated.

Maybe are you talking about minislots in 5G NR?

Yes, minimum scheduling unit in time domain for LTE is 1ms. That is why PDCCH is transmitted only once in a subframe. The same principle is followed in NR by transmitting pdcch once in a slot at specified symbols.