Parameter to change number of csi-rs ports

Hello 5G Experts.
In Ericsson 5G system, what is the parameter to change number of csi-rs ports?

Use get . Csi command line.
To know about CSI parameters.
Also together with parameters change need to turn on internal system constant.

This csi-rs porst should depend on AAU type.
Cannot be changed to any value.
3GPP allows max 32, but AAU limits this number to 8 or 16 depending on AAU.

Correct, if you are using AIR 3239 or 6468.
Then can configure upto 32.

Thanks, those are latest AAUs from Ericsson?

Not really but can support 32X32 and 64X64.
Just use cabx command to know about products detail and all, bases on that adjust your CSI parameters.

@Vicky, apart from cabx also in sdi command we observed also cell vswr readings also shown.
Do you know what is the importance of that sdi command?

I think those are more likley 32T32R and 64T64R rather than 32x32 and 64x64. :slight_smile:

@Sourav_Chandra, @RFSpecialist is not asking about how we check the VSWR in Ericsson system. :slight_smile:

What I am saying like on cabx cmd we are getting product details, rru info, vswr also.
Same like in sdi command we observed products detialing, board into, cpri link status, vswr for all cells.
So not sure what is main importance of sdi o/p.