Parameter / system constant to improve Downlink and Uplink BLER

Hi Ericsson Experts.

Can you please suggest any parameter / system constant to improve Downlink and Uplink BLER?

I suggest:

If Power levels are good then you go for eNB/gNB RF calibration at node side.

BLER is a target value. There is instant bler (for first transmissions) and residual bler (after all retransmissions are exhausted).

Usually bler is 10% why do you want to change it?

Scheduler works with a 10% BLER, instant BLER.


We are doing cluster drives for 5G SA network.

We observe bler kpi is failing, target threshold is 95% of samples < bler 12%, whereas we are achieving bler close to 7-8% in cluster.

So need suggestion how we can improve to achieve the target.

There is no magic, you need to improve RF, establish clear dominance, do proper tilting and PCI planning.


That what we are aiming for to improve RF by physical optimization.

But side by side, we are looking for some soft changes to improve bler.

There are some special system constants which can be tweaked to improve RF performance for Ericsson system, which I am looking for.