Parameter or feature for high UL RSSI issue

Hi Guys…
Is ther any precautionary action… Parameter or feature for high UL RSSI issue?

Fdd B3
Tdd B40
Tdd B41
Ericsson L18

IRC and Advance IRC can help.
4*4 full Interference Rejection Combining feature.
It works with Interference Rejection Combining IRC.

Other vendors must have similar features.
It Improves PUSCH recieve performance in UL interference limited environment when 4 or more RX is used, since it uses correlation information between higher number of RX antennas, it can supress more signals of other cells or in-band external interference.

RSSI fixed need to be performed by FLM at the site as he should check the gain

For TDD Layer we can try with manual change in SSF 7 to 5,i believe it may relax RSSI issue.

Hi Jitendra,
I have seen UL RSSI got increased in below cases.

1.Wrong earfcn defined.
We have done the Frequency harmonization(New Earfcn), During the activity some sites configurations misses due to site is disconnected from OSS ,So Earfcn was not changed in neighbor sites which resulted high RSSI.

2.Interference due to repeaters.
Earfcn not updated/wrong configuration in NMS server
which resulted nearby Macro site L1800 band got affected by UL RSSI.

3:- Synchronization issue
We have added new TDD site where FDD is highly utilized…During the activity (TimeAndPhaseAlignment )parameter defined as FALSE ,So GPS synchronization issue observed in collocated FD+TD Site,Which resulted high UL RSSI).
Post Definition TimeAndPhaseAlignment=True issue got resolved.

4.Due to RF ducting …
SEA area served sites are having interference in TDD band.

  1. UL RSSI due to JAMMERS(External Interference)
    Using spectrum analyzer, Identified the source of interference location and found that in SEA port area Indian Navy Enabled the Jammers.

6.In TDD one of the sector was having high interference…So we have changed Jamper cable …After that issue got resolved.

7.illigal repeaters (Customes baught there own repeaters).
Those repeaters frequency and Earfcn will not tunned,So it will create the interference.

I hope above points will help you reducing the UL RSSI.

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