Paging Success rate is low in few LTE sites only

Hi All,
My Radio Paging Success rate is low in one or two LTE site only.
What can be the issue?

Check paging loss, congestion, no of paging per hour?

Check the TAC.

Site is highly utilized (high traffic) in all carriers.
Other KPIs are fine.

Then it’s definitely congestion on paging.

It’s very poor KPIs, I willl ask for subcounters.
High bandwidth site is not there in FDD - that’s maybe the reason I feel.
It started few days ago…

Try to increase no of paging records.
What’s the value of MaxPagingRecordsNum?
It can be between 1 to 16.
Try to increase it from current value.

How many sites under same TAC?
Does paging received in S1 increased alot?