OTT versus VoLTE

Hi All.

Does anyone working for operator have statistics how much OTTs are advanced comparing to VoLTE?

I mean, how many million of minutes are spent on OTT daily and how many millions of minutes are spent on VoLTE daily?

Here are some WhatsApp statistics globally from last year:

I know for sure OTTs are overtaking VoLTE in terms of millions of minutes spent by users.

All teenagers use just OTTs they seldom use VoLTE.

A good link here: Whatsapp Statistics 2023 — How Many People Use Whatsapp

By the way, do you know that MOS/POLQA for WhatsApp is same or even better than VoLTE?

This would have been impossible some years ago but WhatsApp improved a lot.

Despite the fact that VoLTE is GBR bearer while WhatsApp is non-GBR bearer.

WhatsApp and other OTTs on Meta(Facebook / Instagram) in general has clear edge on the voice quality over other applications.

Should not be the case over cellular.

VoLTE is GBR with guaranteed resources so should score higher.

VoLTE MOS degrades due to AMR codecs…

I have clearly felt so! Meta Platforms are way better!

I am not comparing the score at the more, neither have done. Just sharing the subscriber perception.

I don’t think Whatapp voice call quality better than VoLTE.

Weechat voice quality is very good.

Do you have statistic of Whatapp & VoLTE call duration?

GBR has application when there is congestion, at normal scenarios there is no any difference between GBR bearer or non-GBR. just from QCI point of view there is difference.

For MOS, I think codec has more affect.