Optimizing a 3G SSV Call

I would like to know how to make an optimization of a site on the level of the voice when in the mobility of the ssv there is no overshooting, but that the rxqual is degraded with a good rxlevel

Check Ul interference for the serving cell

  1. Please check the neighbouring between cells with BCCH 76 and 86.
  2. Zublin_G9-2 and DOKUI_MONIQUE_G9-3 has same BCCH(76). you better change one of them.

Rxqual increase when you have problems with BCCH or TCH conflicts, you need check cocanal and adjacency frequency distribution, maio, and malist. Check if your Ms is in hopping channel or BCCH when you have rxqual high.


Zublin_G9-2 and DOKUI_MONIQUE_G9-3 have the same BCCH with DOKUI_MONIQUE_S3. It may create BCCH conflicts and decrease RxQual values.

Try to plot CId instead of BCCH. You will have a better overview of serving cells.

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