Optical Equipment Operation and Maintenance

  1. What’s the methods to access optical equipment?

    We have 2 methods , local access from site and remote access from omc

  2. Why we need to access the equipments?

    To perform configuration , Integration , performance monitoring , alarms troubleshooting

  3. How we can access the equipments remotely?

    We can access the equipments through web GUI

    We can also access the equipments through Open telnet session to the mangment server

  4. What’s the tools used as web GUI to manage optical equipments?

    It depends on equipment types, for example we have u2000 , nce for Huawei and we have NFM-T for Nokia and other tool

  5. Can we access the web UI through web browser?

    Yes, we can manage the equipment through login using web browser by using the IP address, username and password

  6. How 4o trouble shoot the alarms after Access the equipment?

    Identify the alarm , board , slot , time of alarm , alarm history and use the troubleshooting guide to start the troubleshooting

    You may also need to check the power, configuration , frequency , BER , OSNR and other useful paramters to solve the issue

  7. How can we access the equipments through CLI?

    Using putty , login to putty and type IP , user name , password , port and choose connection type to be telnet.

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