Opinion about Optimization 2G/3G/4G Qos

hi ,
as a fresh engineer ,i would like to know more about the field of radio communication (jobs,where i can work…)
i was working on the Optimization of Qos of 2G3G4G networks in Nokia as my final project to get my diploma as a telecom engineer .i found it very interesting to continue in this field but some engineers that i’ve met told me to switched it to another one especially in this conjecture where isn’t easy to find a job even in about one year from now.What do you think guys ??what’s the field do you think the most reachable now??

Best regards.

yes that is right, the telecom market is becoming more difficult every year, operators don’t want to spend and vendors are struggling (all of them on one way or the other) and that is the main problem.
If I would be you I would go all in into Software Engineering, so you can work anywhere on anything.
Other ideas: IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, there are plenty of jobs on those fields and today you have plenty of free or very cheap ways to learn and to gain experience in order to land your first job.
Good luck!