Operators using VoLTE only, not CSFB

Hi Experts.

Do you see operators using VoLTE only, not CSFB?

Yes, Jio.

Jio is.


I hear many UE has copmatibility problem with IMS.

In my network, Operator limit phone models for VoLTE.

Yes, because they don’t have 3G, so it is more about “limitation” rather than “choice”.

It was a choice for not going with Legacy NW :wink:

This is strange, as VoLTE look to be more stable these days compared to CSFB.

There was no legacy network to begin with, so in that respect it was only choice available. :wink:

I thought query was related to availability of such NW.

Apologies I missed the part where query was about VoLTE vs CSFB on the NW…

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