Operators to build out 5G network without Chine Companies

Hi Experts,

Do you think this fight against chinese companies will continue?

Like in this example, where Telus swaped Huawei in Canada:

We should not go into politics but very much market gain of Ericsson and Nokia is due to Donald Trump’s politics to kick-out Huawei.
Without this Bell and Telus would have never quit Huawei.
Similar is happening in Nordic countries in Europe, in Belgium etc.
Ericsson and Nokia should raise a golden statue of Donald Trump.

Then what Trump did and Biden is good.
Before we have only Huawei in most of the network’s.
This is not politics I think. This is the news of one of the company’s either you accept it or not.

I accept it, it’s fact.
Just we should read between the lines who’s the real actor behind this statement and new market share.

Well listen to this I seen companies are fallen back from Telus because of Huawei equipment.

I am saying again that Huawei equipment is second to none.
But what is really behind this, what secret logs they take, what data they fetch back to China or backdoors they have I do not know.
This is I do not know and I also have doubts that China does this just for their glory and commerce purpose without gathering any intelligence from it.

But the features Huawei has most vendors don’t.
But the reality is their stats prove they are good but user perception something not the way as KPI stats.
They have lots of license and feature to gain any thing like throughput and so on.

Now what do you think about the future of Huawei?
India has also restricted Huawei recently in 5G trial.

They are too advanced technically to fail.
There is enough market share for them worldwide.

But can we afford that much payment in terms of 5G to other vendors?
Open RAN can be the way for cost reduction to Indian operators.
Huawei is way cheap than other traditional vendors.

Even without Europe and Americas there is still Africa and Asia for Huawei.

My 2 cents opinion: Huawei can develop Open RAN in matter of weeks. They are just not interested to do it now.
And yes, it is not as cheap as it use to be, but they have good features on sale.

But what can be the reason they are not so interested?
They earn in features.
Their strategy is to earn on features.

Not enough market share and didn’t gain traction on MNOs plan.
Also openRAN enodeB target price is 1000 Euro/piece.
This is not in Huawei intereset to compete at such price.

It’s so cheap.

Vodafone anounced last year that whoever comes with enodeB as 1000 Euro/piece they are ready to swap the whole Europe.
150000 enodeB and install Open RAN enodeBs at 1000 Euro/piece.

But does Open RAN has advantage over traditional RAN?
I personally feel in terms of user perception no.
In terms of cost yes.

Nobody is able to deliver at such a price yet. (1000 Euro/piece)

All will become bankrupt.
If such price is given, what salary can be given? :frowning:

Open RAN have now very limited features.
They struggle to implement massive MIMO.
They have MIMO and 5G but they don’t have yet massive MIMO.

Mavenir partnered with XILINX for this just last month.

More about this here:

Others like Samsung may already have the massive MIMO openRAN solution.