Operators evaluation by Regulators (KPIs and User Experience)

Hi Guys, I’m searching about evaluation method of operators used by regulatory in other country. Do you know anything about this?

for example in KPIs: CSSR, CDR, Throughput Threshold in city level
and user experience or Coverage :Rx level and Rx Qual, Rscp ,Ecno ,RSRP ,RSRQ,…

and do you know how much rx level or qual ,rscp & Ecno and RSRP & RSRQ need to success Call setup?

I believe the best method (for Operators Evaluation by Regulators) is the one currently implemented in Brazil by ANATEL (Brazilian regulator).

The method is named RQUAL (in portuguese Regulamento de Qualidade dos Serviços de Telecomunicações da Anatel) - Anatel’s Telecommunications Service Quality Regulation and was approved on December 23, 2019 - Resolution No. 717.

It define “quality stamps” for fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and pay-TV services for large operators with significant market share/power.

With the new method (with stamps) the agency hopes to shift the mode of command-and-control regulation to responsive regulation. Anatel’s expectation is that the “dynamics of stamps and competition will provide incentives for continuous improvement in the quality of services”.