Operators & Automation

How aggressive Rakuten going for automation:

Maybe sooner CQI value 15 network wide all issues over of network. :grinning:

Nah…it won’t go this way.
SON features have more parameters than the network itself. :slight_smile:
I have seen this… If you don’t take care of SON it will bang the network from left wall to the right wall.
Without hysteresis. :slight_smile:

Yaa I’ve see it too.
CIO very dangerous parameter… :slight_smile:

But indeed, it is coming…

I think no automation can replace human 100%.

Let’s just finish with tilts and azimuths first. :slight_smile:

Most MNO are not even sure on the database about tilt and azimuth they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Haa haa … very true. :laughing:

You show them measurements, they argue with you with ATOLL predictions.
I think measurements speak for themselves, not ATOLL.

I remember once we use automation tool for increase VoLTE drop on site.
Output given by tool very strange, 90% of time loading increase on site, but if we check manually then root cause is different that is UL SINR, CQI degraded on those cells.
From that day I have strong believe automation only for marketing.

They have some good features like PCI planning and root sequence for RACH also MLB CCO.
I mean independent vendors are good.
Even them are good, not only OEMs.
But there are tons of parameters inside those results…

Yes for PCI, RSI planning tool can be used if we have accurate site data to import over tool.

I’d rather focus on RAN parameters than spending time to learn SON feature of a vendor or another.

For Parameter Audit other area where we can use automation tool.

But indeed this AI, ML and Deep Learning and Automation is coming slowly.
It will just not happen in 2 years.

It takes 2 years for Rakuten, for others it will need open RAN first.
Then fully AI automation will happen in time with Agile.

Huawei is leading the world in AI.

Yes, this is true.
And will remain true, no matter what, because they invest and sped heavily.
But even them cannot compete with open RAN which is a lot open source.
To my opinion, open RAN will knee down all traditional vendors including Huawei.
Once open source works in git there’s no way to stop collaboration of tens of thousands of developers.

China’s economy strength is cheapest electricity.

I think it is not that.
It is the fact that people obey to CCP and they cand do anything.
Work 16 hours per day.
Sleep 10 people in a 4 bedroom flat for 2 years.
Work in Europe for 3-4 years without seeing family in China.
And so on.

North Koreans also obey.
Simply obedience doesn’t solve the problem.

Yes it does, because puts pressure on them to achieve targets.