Open RAN vendors comparison

Hello dear Experts,

We all know the Performance of “traditional” vendors, like Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.

But with the new OpenRAN vendors, it’s not easy to evaluate.

For example, if you want to choose an OpenRAN vendor, what would be the most important / critical requirements to consider?

As they have different architecure, it becomes an extremely hard task to evaluate… mainly if you want for example to “replace” your traditional vendor.

Any suggestions will be welcome.


First, you need to understand O-RAN, Open RAN, 3GPP.
And this article helps a lot:

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Why every company is more and more so aggressive for OpenRAN?
Is it only future of telecom?

Cheap product with less expenses.

Even new players seen never heard name before.

Cost cutting, which they call as Cost Optimization, is the new normal everywhere.

But if it’s successful, then we will start losing jobs, exception those who knows End to End from Radio till Core.
Which manpower they are dreaming of?
Software Radio Transmission Core?
In cheap salary?

That is the future!

I think technology is not creating jobs, instead putting jobs in risk.

Is O-RAN and OpenRAN both the same or are different?

Both different objectives.
ORAN is an alliance, Open RAN is opening up interfaces.

Follow this for complete comparison:

Also this can help:

For Open RAN alliance still Huawei and Ericsson not joined yet.
Any comment?
Nokia, ZTE, already there…

Ericsson is there.
All vendors are working on different working groups of O_RAN.