Open RAN RIC Summary

:eyes: RIC Summary

:ok_hand::ok_hand: RIC is a cloud native architecture and sits at the heart of open and virtualized RAN network. It is aligned with O-RAN architecture and optimizes RAN elements via data collection and actions over E2 interface. It manages all the RAN resources and triggers near real time action to improve overall network efficiency.

:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: RIC Types: Non-RT RIC & Near-RT RIC

Benefits: Summarized points

:sparkles: RIC provides RAN flexibility and programmability.

:sparkles: RIC with its standardized open interfaces gives more control to operators for RAN optimization and enables them to host third party xApps.

:sparkles: Closed loop architecture helps automate decision making. Three types of control loops function with different time domain.
:heavy_check_mark: Non-RT RIC control loops (1 second or more)
:heavy_check_mark: Near-RT RIC control loops (10 ms to 1 second)
:heavy_check_mark: O-DU scheduler loops (less than 10 ms)

:sparkles: RIC effectively balances the RAN load and hence alleviates network congestion

:sparkles: Introduction of new Services in quicker time frame

:sparkles: Efficient resource management

:sparkles: AI/ML driven network monitoring and optimization

:sparkles: Help MNO’s to outperform competitor.

:sparkles: Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

:sparkles: Support 9 MVL use case for improving network performance, user experience and monetization.
:heavy_check_mark: Traffic Steering
:heavy_check_mark: QoE Optimization
:heavy_check_mark: QoS based resource Optimization
:heavy_check_mark: Massive MIMO Optimization
:heavy_check_mark: RAN Sharing
:heavy_check_mark: RAN Slice SLA Assurance
:heavy_check_mark: Content based Dynamic Handover Management for V2X
:heavy_check_mark: Flight Path based dynamic UAV resource allocation
:heavy_check_mark: Radio resource allocation for UAV application scenario


:sparkles: Deployment complexity
:sparkles: Technology Immaturity
:sparkles: Integration with legacy network

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