Open RAN Deployment Documents

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Any one having O RAN deployment public domain documents?

You can try Mavenir site for deployment documents.
All the components of ORAN such as ORU, ODU, OCU, OFH and Interfaces F1, O1, O2, E1, E2 need to be tested at the LAB.
ORU with your MIMO modules etc.
Service orchestration with O Cloud.

O-RAN, OpenRAN, or Open RAN? :sweat_smile:

In summary OpenRAN is a concept of disaggregated hardware (multi-vendor) by decoupling the software from the hardware, so you could deploy RAN even with multi-vendor radios with RAn sw stack in COTS servers.

O-RAN is a body working to build standard interfaces and APIs for OpenRAN scenarios since it requires the support of several split architecture.

ViaVi TM500 is a good simulator for ORAN components.
There are white papers from ViaVi, NI etc. which can give you good ideas how to deploy.

You may also are interested first on reading more about the functional splits in the physical layer (3GPP TR 38.801) and then start looking to OpenRAN itself.

This survey present a lot of data from theory to practical studies on the split options:

For reference, in the OpenRAN the mainstream right now for 2020 is up to split 2 for CU and then Split 7-2 (O-RAN Compliant) for DU+RU.

There are multiple risks when evaluate right ORAN vendors.

Practically ORAN suggests Disaggregation in Radios.

Example: Mavenir ORU, AltioStar ODU, Afirm OCU, CIENA FrontHaul to make one full unit of Macro Radio orchastrated in Cisco NFVi platform.

But the risk is to track the end to end performance. The real challenge.


Simplified Split options overview

But in nature, is a way to get back the engineering of the solution to the service provider (e.g. Rakuten Mobile), instead of depending of the vendor lock-in and monolithic solution. There will be different fronts of deployment for sure… one would be new SI’s like TechMahindra, IBM, NEC taking the role to be responsible for E2E performance. I believe that will depend of the CSP size and eng body to deal with.


Dish might come up with Dish model after Rakuten. :blush:

That will be very interesting to see. :smiley:

Seems that Mavenir is aggressive in ORAN segment.

Split Options for 5G Radio Access Networks
Paul Arnold, Nico Bayer, Jakob Belschner, Gerd Zimmermann

Mavenir, Parallel Wireless, Altiostar, Asocs, Altran…
Most based on Intel FlexRAN Sillicon & Pac for vRAN.

What is the difference between Open RAN and O-RAN?

The following video discusses common Open RAN terminology - including OpenRAN, O-RAN, ORAN, and more - to demystify which terms to use and when.