Open RAN: Cloud platform (O-Cloud)

Open RAN: Cloud platform (O-Cloud)

Cloud platform enables convenient, on demand access to shared pool of configurable resources in the radio access network through virtualization in open RAN. Cloudification can be done for CU, DU & near real time RIC nodes.

O-RAN enables RAN flexibility and deployment velocity with simultaneous reduction in capital and operating expenses through the adoption of cloud platform.

Cloudification can be done at two levels for different nodes of open RAN (except RU) - at edge (<20km from cell site) or at regional level (<200km from cell site).

Key considerations for cloud platform in O-RAN :

  1. Decoupling of hardware from software
  2. High Performance Networking - support high performance N – S and E – W networking, with high throughput & low latency
  3. Real-time feature - support for pre-emptive scheduling, node discovery, scale in/out capability
  4. Storage requirement - support scale of storage for container image for different functions, e.g., for a Regional vs. an Edge Cloud
  5. Flexible instantiation and lifecycle management through orchestration & automation