Ookla, Meqyas and Open Signal benchmark comparison

Dear Experts,

We are doing 5G downlink throughput benchmark (speed test) on 3 different Apps:
and Open Signal.

Ookla downlink speed is much better then Meqyas and Open Signal .

Please need your advise how to improve the downlink speed on Meqyas and Open signal
Is there any other specific parameter on core side or optimization to improve the downlink for the specific app to give priority for the downlink?

Salam bro

This is bit tricky as every broadband speed testing port have different mechanisms and need to be studied.
In general the server placement,latency,server load, server selection criteria need to be studied.

Ookla provides raw data for all the testing and can used to study above key insights. An E2e approach needs to be exercised. From ran transport n core POV.
At ran side scheduling can be used to prioritize such apps. Also e2e specific QCI can be allocated to such apps.

Like in zain …when you do speed test with ookla your QCI is changed from default to QCIX which helps to enhance the speed test results.

You need to check the latency and geographical distance of server of Meqyas and open signal.

How do you know that issue is in network to optimize?

There are many external factors which can affect speed (server location, server own capacity, server latency and response, app performance on phone).

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We can’t compare the three Ookla, Meqyas and OpenSignal unless we study the algorithm for selection of best Server for Speed test procedure and even in servers it depends if its virtual or not as virtual servers have relatively low performance, The number of multiple streams used to test throughput etc.