Only getting 50% capacity on a shared site (2G and 3G) for each technology

Hello Engineers
I need your help.
I’m with a site that has 120w’ RRU and that is being shared by 2G and 3G technology but unfortunately, I only get 50% of the capacity of RRU for each technology this maybe is due to parameterization.

Is there a parameter I need change so that it processes 50% of it’s capacity in each technology?

Being that if it is a 120w’ RRU , then each technology should be able to process 60w

The vendor is Huawei

What is RRU Type ?

Deprnding from RRU type, number if 3G carrier and number of 2G TRX you can calculate the Max Tx power per cell


I have 2 trx in 2g and 1 carrier

Yes this RRU support till 60 watt for 1 umts cell. Make sure your MAX TX Power for Umts cell is set to 478