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Hello everybody, how are You? Today we’ll learn another interesting Telecom tip - a complete prediction software - and online!

That’s right, is a complete prediction analysis software, and you can use for free, and online. Particularly, I have used CellPlan, U-Net, Planet, Wizard and Asset3g. Of course we cannot (yet) replace this software for an online version - either itselves, which may be developed following the global trend of other suites, either the tool that we’ll know today. But one thing is certain: the future of these tools depends on how they please and / or fulfill the needs of their users in a more streamlined and efficient as possible.

So let’s know more about it?

Author of the Tip

I received this tip from Rogério, then here comes his data:

Thanks Rogério!


Well, the website is very intuitive -, simply login and begin:

To begin, access the site, and click PlanningTool (1).

As you probably do not have user, the first thing to do is create a. It’s quick and easy. Click on Click Here (1).

Fill out the registration form with your data, and create your user - Create User button (1).

Wait the email with a confirmation and then log back into the site, but this time, log in.

What is a Prediction Tool?

Here’s a question: Have you already used any prediction tool?

If have never used one, there are several concepts you must know before, such as propagation models, technologies, equipment, etc… In this case, it is best to use the local tool after learning a bit about these online tools.

If you’ve used any tool you can easily make analogies.

The XIRIO Online intends to be a generic tool, comprising reviews at:


  • TV, DVB-T, FM, DAB, DVB-H …

  • PMR, TETRA …

  • PDH, SDH …

  • LMDS, WiMAX, WiFi …

For each technology can be applied parameters and specific methods of calculation.

The XIRIO Online includes the most common methods and recognized internationally, and provides the user with the default parameters of each case, so that the simulation of the network is how precsia more possible, even for users who are not yet experts in radio frequency.

Regarding the mapping, the application uses Google Maps with information from all around the world. Moreover, it has 3D terrain models, which simulate scenarios where there are the networks, also with worldwide coverage for both rural and urban.

Using the Tool

Due to the huge number of possibilities that such a tool has, would be too long for me to show everything in detail here.

future can show a step by step creation of a project, checking signal levels, etc., but the goal here today is just the tool show. So we’ll see some screens.

This is the main program interface. In the upper left side (1) you will find studies, Results and Points of Interest. In the lower left side (2) are Actions.

Two other important areas are the Top (1), which features analysis. And Toolbar (2), where we access virtually all options.

If I were to detail every option, the tutorial would be great. I suggest that you explore each of them. Anyway, here are some screens after clicking a few icons on the toolbar.

Create New Study

One of the main actions.

Management Studies

If you do not know and / or using this tool, it is interesting to open some studies public, and verifying the results available as well as learn what may be the feitoutilizar although it is suggested that.

Results Manager

See image:

Templates, for example where we can choose models of antennas.

See image:

Points of Interest

Where you can enter waypoints. We also have the option to manage them.

As I said, it is clear that not everything has to see what we can do with this online tool. But hopefully you now have an idea of what it can offer.

How Much?

Speaking about cost …

XIRIO Online PLANNINGTOOL The tool allows access to application, as well as the realization of low-resolution calculations of free . You only pay when you want to perform calculations with a more professional quality (high resolution).

this case, the user also acquires the right to share your results with others, or download them to your local computer.


This was a brief summary of the online tool XIRIO PLANNINGTOOL Online, an online tool that aims to meet all the needs for planning and simulation of a telecom network.

This is a new concept, and believe it has at least two advantages. First, we can understand and evaluate new ways of working. And also, that this may cause initiatives other developers of current tools of the genre follow the same path, which creates more possibilities and opportunities.

So the hint is: know and evaluate it. At least it’s worth you know that there are already powerful online tools and available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!