One way speech issue in calls with other operators

Hello All.

We are observing one way speech issue in calls with other operators.

The numbers in which the issues observed are CUG numbers?

Can anyone share some idea to troubleshoot this issue?

Sorry… what are “CUG numbers”?

Closed user group.

Excluding RF problems (which I think it was discarded first), these are some suggestions:

  • Check for call routing issues: Misconfigured routing settings can cause one-way speech problems.
  • Check Codec Compatibility: Different operators may use different codecs for CUG calls, and if there is an incompatibility between the codecs used, it can cause one-way audio problems.
  • Network Firewalls or Restrictions: Determine if there are any network firewalls or restrictions in place that may be blocking or interfering with the audio transmission for CUG calls.